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Ming Tombs

In June 2003, Ming Tombs was listed into the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The World Heritage Committee Center evaluated that: Beijing Ming Tombs is located in the Tianshou Mountain, Changping District which is the tomb groups of 13 emperors and empresses after the Ming Dynasty establishing in Beijing. With the coverage area of about 80 square kilometers, Ming Tombs is the example of ancient royal tombs. It fully presents rich cultural connotation of Fengshui Theory, Architectural Studies, Art Theory, Philosophy, Patriarchal Moral Codes and Religion.

Experience Review:
From the Sacred Way to the Changling Tomb, walking to the Dingling to appreciate the underground palace, you could have a fully understanding about Ming Tombs history.
Dining Options near Ming Tombs:
Dahetao Farm House in Changling Town is a large scale farm hotel. Coming here, you could taste the authentic local farm cuisine and Barbecue Dry Fish
Shopping Tips:
Ming Tombs Town Cherry Garden
Taking Photos in Hurry:
From the marble arch, Grand Red Gate, the stone statue in the Sacred Way to Changling Tomb, Dingling Tomb, you could feel the complete pictures of the whole Ming Tombs.
Points nearby Interests:
Silver Mountain Pagodas Forests, Juyongguan Great Wall, Huyu Natural Scenic Spot
Tianshoushan, North Changping District
High season, Dingling 60 yuan/person, low season 40 yuan/person
High season, Changling 45 yuan/person, low season 30 yuan/person
High season, Zhaoling 30 yuan/person, low season 20 yuan/person
High season, Sacred Way 30 yuan/person, low season 20 yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the public bus No. 345 Kuai and get off at the Changping District, then transfer to take the public bus No. 314 and get off at the terminal
Practical Tips:
The ticket price will be change with the season changing

Photos of Ming Tombs