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Olympic Water Park

Olympic Water Park is the programs competition place of the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2008. What the most features are it always combined the Slalom Site and the Hydrostatic field; graceful environment, natural, green and soft. After the Olympic Game is over, this park has become a Leisure Vacation Place of Beijing.

Experience Review:
Experience the authentic Olympic Venues, feeling the happy of the soft water
Dining Options near Olympic Water Park:
Jinzhaofu Seafood Hotel, Jinbaiwan Cuisine Square, Yulong Hotel
Shopping Tips:
Kate, New Century, etc
Taking Photos in Hurry:
The designing inspiration is also from the water here, Main Stand in Boat Style
Points nearby Interests:
Yulin Village
White Horse Road No. 19, Shunyi District
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30 Yuan per person
How to Get There?
Take the Subway Line 1 and get off at the Sihui Bridge, transfer to take the bus No. 989
Practical Tips:
After the Olympic Games ended, there are many new exciting programs added.

Photos of Olympic Water Park