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Peking Men Site at Zhoukoudian

In December 1987, Peking Men Site was listed into World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The World Heritage Committee Center evaluated that: Peking Men Site Zhoukoudian is located about 48 kilometers away from Beijing city center. The research is still underway at the site. Until now, the scientists have discovered that the China ape men are the authentic Peking Man. These authentic people lived in the New Stone Era. At the same time, the scientists found there are various articles for daily use and the archaeological site can be dated back to the BC 18000 to BC 11000. Peking Men Site Zhoukoudian not only is the rare historical evidence about the Asia Content in the ancient times but also illustrates the history of human evolution process.

Experience Review:
The discovery of the ancient ruins shocked the world, filled with Peking Men skull and other relics, Peking Men Site Zhoukoudian is the treasure-house playing a key role in studying the ancient Chinese culture.
Dining Options near Peking Men Site at Zhoukoudian:
Farm house cuisine mainly for the wild vegetables in the car yard folk tourism village
Shopping Tips:
It is available to pick up the apricot, nuts and persimmon and any other fruits in Beijing Longmen Ecological Garden
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Taking pictures with these Peking Men will be distinct interesting thing
Points nearby Interests:
Shangfang Mountain National Forests Park, Cloud and Water Cave, Yunju Temple, Beijing Longmen Ecological Garden
Zhoukoudian Street No. 1, Fanshan District
30 yuan per person
How to Get There?
Take the public bus No. 917 Fangshan Line and get off at the West Gate of Liangxiang, then transfer to take the public bus No. 38
Practical Tips:
If you want to get more history of about China, start from here!

Photos of Peking Men Site at Zhoukoudian