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Shichahai District is the best preserved area in Beijing. Temples, mansions, Hutongs and Courtyards all reflect the deep cultural connotation of Beijing. In ancient times, it was hailed as the ''water town in North China''. There are plenty of poems left complimenting the beauty of shichahai. It is an ideal place to get relaxed a little bit. Bars, restaurants or the stores all make the area the most popular and exotic tourist destination across Beijing.

Experience Review:
Taking in charming scenery, sampling delicious food, enjoying historical relics and the trendy bars – all give you an essential experience. Whenever you come to Shichahai, it has something for you!
Dining Options near Shichahai:
Barbecue Season, Jiumen Snack, Kongyiji Hotel
Shopping Tips:
The handicrafts in Yandaixiejie, unique clothes are all available.
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Lotus and willow trees in summer, silver clothes in winter and the interesting Ice Cars
Points nearby Interests:
Prince Gong's Mansion, Guanghua Temple, Temple of Hephaestus, Bell and Drum Tower, Yinding Bridge
In the opposite of Beihai Park North Gate, Xicheng District
64032726(Beijing Shichahai Tourism Service Station)
How to Get There?
Take the public bus No. 13, 42, 107,111, 118, 810, 823 and get off at the Beihai North Gate Station
Practical Tips:
The Shichahai Tourism Service Station is located in the east side 50 meters of Lotus Market. Before touring to Shichahai, it is better to consult to this station.

Photos of Shichahai