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Ten Ferries Scenic Area

Ten Ferries Scenic Area is the only one spot featuring karst landform and river valley landform in the Northern area of China. With strange mountains, clear water, this scenic area got the fame of "Guilin in North China" and it is also one of the sixteen scenic spots in Beijing. There are about 20 main scenic spots. First ferry is located in the Zhangfang with green mountains and clear water. Down the stream will be the second ferry to the sixth ferry, featuring magnificent mountain peaks, charming and unique. From the seventh ferry to the tenth ferry, there are plenty of mountains. Landscapes here are amazing and breathtaking. Landscapes in Ten Ferries are painting-like. In spring, various flowers blossom with overwhelming fragrance; in summer, the mountains are covered by green; in autumn, harvest scenes are very lovely; in winter, the frozen river is like a mirror. This area is truly an amazing place to spend a holiday.

Experience Review:
Participating in the Bungee Jumping, Valley Flying Man and many other interesting programs, you can have a lot of fun challenging themselves.
Dining Options near Ten Ferries Scenic Area:
Roasting Fish in the Farm House, Wild Vegetables, Fried Small Shrimp
Shopping Tips:
Fangshan Chrysanthemum Wine, Dahongpao Pepper
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Nine Ferries Watching Buddha Stage, Qianchi Window
Points nearby Interests:
Watching the Buddha Shanzhuang
Ten Ferries Town, Fangshan District
Different prices according to different places
How to Get There?
Take the bus No. 917 and get off at the Ten Ferries Station
Practical Tips:
The challenging exciting programs here should get much attention. Safety is first!

Photos of Ten Ferries Scenic Area