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White Cloud Taoist Temple

White Cloud Taoist Temple is one of the three major cradles of Quanzhen Tao, which was rented as the "First Forests in the Heaven". Building construction in the temple were divided into middle, east, west and the backyard four parts with grand scale and compact layout. There hidden a palm-size stone monkey in this temple. In Beijing, there is an old saying that Fairy has no prints only leaving the Stone Monkey in this Taoist. So, after that, this stone monkey becomes the embodiment of the fairy. Tourists coming here for visiting will all touch it to get a good luck. It is said that there is a unique animal figure in the western countries. People who are in trouble or ill only touched it will have a good recovery.

Experience Review:
Every year, there will be folk Yingchun Fair in this Taoist Temple with various activity contents
Dining Options near White Cloud Taoist Temple:
Shepherd Hotpot Restaurant, Biandang Xiaosheng
Shopping Tips:
Fuxing Commercial City, Parkson Shopping Center
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Qiuzu Palace, Sanqing Pavilion, Siyu Palace
Points nearby Interests:
Capital Museum, China Millennium Monument, Temple of Moon Park
White Cloud Taoist Street, Xibian Gate Outer Binhe Road, Xicheng District
10 yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take bus No.26, 45, 319, 80, 695, 717, Te 5 and get off at the White Cloud Taoist Temple Station
Practical Tips:
Every Spring Festival, here will be full of crowded tourists

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