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Yahuan Mountain

The Yahuan Mountain peak towering in the space resembling the Children Angel, so it got the name of Yahuan Mountain. In the Qing Dynasty, the Emperors ever came here for appreciating many times for worshipping and praying. Since Ming and Qing dynasties, the Yanhuan Mountain Temple received the tourists endless. At that time, it became the most one famous Temple Fair in the four temple fairs in the North China area. Yahaun Mountain is hailed as the most famous royal Taoist temple. Housing numerous precious inscriptions, the people in Jingdong area boasts its grandness with this sentence of "the Lions in Lugou Bridge, the inscriptions in Yahuan Mountain".

Experience Review:
During the journey, tourists would both climb the mountain and visit the Taoism cultural sites. Spending one day may be not enough to see it all. It is better having a short stay in the local folk village for an overnight. In the night, you could go to the foot of this mountain Floating River Lanterns.
Dining Options near Yahuan Mountain:
Stone Pot Stewing the poultry, delicate donkey meat feast
Shopping Tips:
Big Peach, Small Jujube
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Yahuan Mountain Peak, Inscription
Points nearby Interests:
Old Elephant Peak Scenic Spot, Jingdong Grand Canyon, Jingdong Stone Forests Valley
Liujiadian Town, Pinggu District
30 Yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the bus No. 918 and get off at the Pingguguanzhuang Lukou, transfer to take the bus No. 20
Practical Tips:
During the period from April First to the Fifth, the Yahuan Temple Fair will be held here.

Photos of Yahuan Mountain