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Yudu Mountain Natural Scenic Area

Yudu Mountain Natural Scenic Area is located in the deep mountain area with less residence, charming scenery and tranquil environment. It is truly a natural botanical garden. On this mountain, there is a large scale green world. Flowers will grow vigorously in three seasons. Water up down the mountain flow without stop. Te Ming Dynasty Temple is established in the Yudu Mountain. In this temple, there are two pine trees, with the Qinglong Mountain on the north side, so it is called Qinglong Mountain Double Pine Trees. The Double Pine Temple is facing to the Pyramid Mountain with a Stone Screw standing on the top, elegant! Standing on the top of this mountain, you would find the Yudu Mountain hidden the mists showed more beautiful and tastes.

Experience Review:
The beauty of Yudu Mountain endowed to the mountains, stones, forests, springs, waterfalls, flowers and the grasses.
Dining Options near Yudu Mountain Natural Scenic Area:
Xinfeng Hotel, Golden Holiday Hotel, Yanchun Restaurant
Shopping Tips:
Yongning Toufu, Honey
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Greeting Guests Pine Trees
Points nearby Interests:
Songshan Scenic Area, Kangxi Wild Duck Lake
Yuhuang Temple East Side, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing County
69190280, 69190336
60 Yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the bus No. 919 and get off at the Yanqing County, transfer to take the minibus
Practical Tips:
If you want to explore the Yudushan Scenic Area by travel-self, it is better to choose the skillful cars.

Photos of Yudu Mountain Natural Scenic Area