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Beijing Tips

Beijing is a pretty safe place. Read the Travel Tips is much helpful for making your trip more wonderful. They can help you make a good preparation about travelling in Beijing and can help you deal with some problems you will met.

  • Visa Visa

    Anyone entering China must have a visa issued by a Chinese consulate before they arrive in the country. It is more convenient for tourists booked through Chinese travel agencies to get group visas for their visit to China. There are several types of visa and each comes with its own set of stringent rules.

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  • Passport Passport

    Passport is a legal document issued by the country as a proof of citizenship and identity when a citizen of the country across their borders and go to a foreign country for travel or residence. At present most of the world issued passports, and generally can be divided into three categories: diplomatic passports, official passports and ordinary passports.

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  • Entry & Exit Entry & Exit

    The entry of foreigners, should apply for a visa from China's diplomatic missions and consular institutions or other overseas organizations authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In certain circumstances, in accordance with the provisions of the State Department, foreigners can also apply for visas from the competent authorities of the Chinese Government designated ports.

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  • Embassies & Consulates Embassies & Consulates

    For foreign visitors meet any emergency, you could call embassies for help. There are two main diplomatic areas in Beijing where the majority of embassies and consulates are located: Sanlitun and Jianguomenwai area. From this page, you will get the telephone numbers of the Embassies & Consulates in Beijing.

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  • Chinese Currency Chinese Currency

    The official currency in China is the Renminbi (RBM) and the basic unit is the yuan. As long as you have your passport, you can exchange money in most hotels and in major branches of large domestic banks, several of which have exchange counters at the airport. Many ATMs throughout the city also accept foreign debit and credit cards.

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