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Fish Eye Cafe

FISHEYE COFFEE fisheye lomo Coffee Shop, hearing the name makes you feel very personality, relationship between the "fish eye lens fisheye" and photography? The answer is affirmative. It is all about relaxation. This is a fish eye camera theme Coffee Shop, located in the bustling southern Sanlitun Village fashion. Coffee hall located in Beijing Chao - Sanlitun Village with store, blue and white based tune decoration. Sitting in this Coffee Museum, you could appreciate many wonderful pictures of LOMO.
The shop decoration, the chandelier with fisheye photo on the wall, photographic works by fashion photographer. The café is a LOMO theme Coffee shop. For photograph lovers, it is highly recommended. Sanlitun is located in the northwest corner of the VILLAGE APPLE experience store. Have a very pure Cafe Americano, can provide the film print. Of course, there are many wonderful LOMO photo shops. The sun from the large glass facade bask in the feeling is very good store layout clean blue and white desk and chair is very fresh. The girl is very polite to speak softly. A boss with gentle manners gives a cozy feeling.

Location: in Sanlitun Village

Photos of Fish Eye Cafe