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Navel is a creative personality clothing shop, now has five stores in Beijing. The name of shop is not just individual in order to be different and just, master good explanation of the meaning of the name is small make up. "Each of us has a belly button, just like our childhood, as everyone has a lot of growth story. In 2007, the Navel opened its first store in the East Fourth Street, but the condition is very simple, only one wall, with two hundred or three hundred pieces of hand-painted T-shirts hanging on the wall.
After the Olympic Games, the shop moved to Nanluogu Lane, got a lot of young people love and support. Last spring, the clothing store opened store in 798, with the decorations designed to meet 798 of the artistic atmosphere of personality art, in addition to the main series of clothing before, and with iron toys and painting for sale. The founder of navel brand shop as a couple, they are Gao Wenzhe and Lining. The navel of the costumes of their personality lies in individuality and the story it design expression. They insisted that the creative is not weakness lends wings to rumours, is based on the observation of life of humor. Individuality clothing shows Navel is not only selling creative products but also tell story, and now people all like the story.

Location: No. 53 in Nanluoguxiang

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