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Paper Talk

The shop specializes in the sale of paper products, all kinds of fine paper from Yunnan and Nepal, including the Dongba paper, paper products, as well as the fine paper products abroad. Before you enter the Paper Talk shop, you have no idea how many beautiful forms the paper has. Here you can find a lot of forgotten China traditional paper products: paper-cut, handmade flower Buben, paper fan, spark, traditional door series products. You can find the original paper product combination of traditional and modern elements of the perfect, designer personally collect various forgotten little thing, and the paper mixed together into fashion and practical paper products.
People can comfortably sit here and read a book, listen to music, drink, chat, with the music no longer noisy, book not vulgar, let the heart suddenly clear up. Fangjia Hutong is very narrow, not suitable for parking. The store, in addition to selling paper products, it also offers other paper materials. Tourists could learn to do handmade paper cutting with the boss, or even drink tea, chat. The shop is perfect for learning about the Chinese paper cut art and enjoying a good time in a world of paper.

Location: No. 12 in Fangjia Hutong

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