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Save As Concept Shop

The blue door and window frame, the old metal signboard "Save As" with window surrounded by greenery. "Simple is beautiful", presumably the shopkeeper knows this truth, so the name and store cards give such, small fresh feeling. The old printer, old telephone, cracker barrel old, old almanac piece...... Not like the old days, when you see a lot of things here you will say: "ah, when I was a child I have seen it!" However, as the board on the wall saying "I know this thing you have, but where it is now?"
Entering the shop like traveling back in the past time, clocks and watches, diary, glass, black film, quietly lying there, shop assistant very busy, just give you the opportunity to carefully study the interesting stuff, what attract you the most is the windows on the small blackboard writing: no record has not occurred. Look at the blackboard and chalk and the old windows which only existed during seventy or eighty, and look at the old black and white television, at that moment, you will have a feeling to go back to the past...... In this fast-paced city, everyone rushed forward on his way back, occasionally retreating here perhaps this is to help you find the memory of the past!

Location: No. 20 in Wudaoying Hutong

Photos of Save As Concept Shop