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Slow-post Shop

When you enter the house located on Zhonger Street in Beijing 798 Art Zone, named as "slow post" – a small post office, you will feel like walking in the fairy tale filled with post staff and envelopes. Through a row of poplar-lined street, you will get a look at shop, suddenly found in the corner, surrounded by gallery, museum, Coffee bookstore. You can't see the traditional post up counter window, the only reminder here is post related, postcards, all equipped with various interesting patterns and text. For example, someone may be sending his parents two postcards, saying: "Mom, I love you!" Another wrote: "Dad, I love you, I know."
Founded in the 120 square meters of the small post office, is a small exhibition, with the word of Shakespeare saying that "it is a fate that we live in this era" as a preface, telling the story of birth on century 80's people's growth story. From here the letter sent out, mostly sent to the far later times. Each letter means a dream, or a promise. Just fill out a detailed address, and the slow post that made the postmark, I hope this letter will be in your hand some years before a certain date, the letter will be, in a few months, years or even decades later, appear in the recipient's mailbox.

Location: on Zhonger Street in 798 Art Zone

Photos of Slow-post Shop