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Hutong Bar

Hidden and opened in Hutong at 39 Nanluoguxiang Lane, hence the name of the bar. The seats are all named after for the Hutongs around Nanluoguxiang Lane, but most special one is the bar room which is full of old Beijing's old stuff, blue and white porcelain bowl, old telephone, handmade wooden bed and so on, just like a small "Beijing folk museum". Nanluoguxiang Lane is a very ancient street, not wide, still features the Yuan Dynasty layout in alley planning. The street starts from Pingan Avenue in the south, and ends at the drum tower East Street. The name - Hutong Bar - is quite appropriate, and very in tune with the old Beijing environment. On entering the bar, kind of small, the second floor under renovation, filled with birdcage, pendant lamp, chandelier, yarn unadorned from Panjiayuan to wash the cabinet, the old Beijing old map, the Beijing style elements and symbols all over the small space, on the wall there are all black and white photos, from Nanluoguxiang Lane's history to the old Beijing technology, even including the old Beijing's pet phrase idioms.
The bar is filled with the features of old Beijing. The atmosphere is very cozy. The bar has two cocktails, called Shen Xiang Hu Tong and Si Hai Wei Jia. Blue Curacao Sherry, thick sweet and sour Cranberry Vodka is also available for the guests to savor. With an afternoon, sit quietly here to feel the taste of old Beijing Hutong.

Location: No. 105 in Juer Hutong

Photos of Hutong Bar