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Vineyard Cafe

Vineyard Cafe is hidden in a Hutong near the Lama Temple, with only a blink and you may miss out this lovely haunt. Entering door, the warm atmosphere blows against your face, the green plants, wooden tables and chairs everywhere. The fire in the stove means that it is not winter yet, a rich variety of vegetable salad has been heralded with the arrival of spring. There are actually no grapes in the yard, but a variety of vegetable salad is very worth a try, Caesar salad oil and vinegar sauce taste very heavy. Cake and PIZZA here are the feature, ingredients quite lucrative, cheese and bread are also great, for many people love thin soled. The vineyard features courtyard looks and European style, famous for its traditional European dishes, in addition to this weekend and British brunch, Tuesday to Friday noon packages more affordable.
Young British boss and his wife tried their utmost to create a home atmosphere here, with the most authentic European dishes, selected Wine and mellow Coffee and classic cocktail and beer. The owner of the courtyard is a British man and his Chinese daughter-in-law; with a sunny day, you can take you r time to eat and to discuss various topics, not private, but cordial, with the courtyard and leisure sunshine.

Location: in Wudaoying Hutong on Yonghegong Qiaonan Road

Photos of Vineyard Cafe