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Huguang Guild Hall

Located at the cross of the bustling Zhushikou Street, The newly-painted ancient tower where the Huguang Guild Hall is housed is much of an eye-catcher. Outside the gate there are many signboards inscribed with plenty of art performances. The signboards are kind of overshadowed by the sign-flags of the restaurants. The guild hall now only serves as a tourist site, combining sightseeing, catering and entertainments. The lovely courtyard is intricately designed with corridors decorated with bird cages and wall paintings related to the operas, making the courtyard very quaint and quiet. The restored theater tower is very magnificent and majestic, furnished with wooden furniture, velvet curtain and the eye-catching couplets. The traditional Peking Drum Opera brings down the house from time to time. The former Wenchangge has become an opera museum, displaying a wide variety of opera-related items, including the most precious Qin – a traditional Chinese musical instrument.
The former Chuwantang was turned into a restaurant, serving up not the official cuisine but the Hubei Cuisine. In this quaint and quiet retreat, you can not only enjoy the gourmet food but also soak the folk elements. There are many signature dishes available here at the restaurant which makes for a perfect dining option.

How to Get There: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Caishikou Station and exit from Exit C and walk to the east along the Luomashi Street.

Photos of Huguang Guild Hall