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Tianqiao Theater

Sitting opposite to the acrobatic theater, just across the street, the Tianqiao Theater is really an eye-catcher, very modern and majestic, bringing us back to the 21th century. The theater is the first large-scale theater founded after the foundation of people republic of China, and over the 50 years, there are a large number of classics making their debut here at the theater. There are a wide variety of memorial celebrations held here, including the world renowned Peking Opera Master Mei Lanfang and Zhou Xinfang. Many world renowned artists like Pavarotti from Italy, Matsuyama Kiko from Japan and Ulanova from Russia also dedicated their performances here.
In 2001, the theater was restored and renovated, and now has become one of a kind large-scale modern theaters in Beijing. The performances range from opera, ballet and symphony to drama and the like, mainly specialized in musical operas, including traditional Chinese operas and international musical performances. The theater is well equipped with world-class acoustics and lightings, bringing ultimate artistic experience to the audience. For an ultimate performance experience while visiting Beijing, the Peking Opera Theater is not to be missed! It will be once in a lifetime experience for you!

Location: No. 30 on Beiwei Road

Photos of Tianqiao Theater