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Laociqikou Bean-milk

Bean-milk has a long history, dated back as early as the Liao, Song dynasties, is a popular food in Beijing. The bean-milk used to be favored by the Chinese emperors and the royal family. The old Beijing people like this even more, so the old bean-milk shops were all over the city, the old Ciqikou Douzhi shop is one of the most famous stores back then. The flavor of the drink is very special and also very health-friendly. The snack is not to be missed during trip to Beijing if you want to eat like the locals with a breakfast. The bean-milk makes for a perfect option before you head out for sightseeing around the city. Bean-milk has long enjoyed a good reputation as one of Beijing traditional snacks. With color and gray green, bean juice mellow, sour and sweet characteristics. It is the Beijing has a unique flavor of winter, spring food snacks. Especially the old people in Beijing have special preference for it. The sale of living with hand push barrel car, sell together with hemp tofu, selling bean-milk, spicy pickle. You really should give your tasting bud a challenge while visiting Beijing with this special drink – bean-milk. There are also other snacks worth trying. Minimum charge is only 10 Yuan per person.

Location: North Gate of Temple of Heaven

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