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Tianxingju Restaurant

The Tianxing Chaogan Shop, formerly known as "HuiXianju", in the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi reign (1862) the restaurant was founded by Liu Yongkui as a small store in Beijing. First, TainXianju offered Yellow Wine and peanuts, preserved egg, vegetable Salted Duck Egg etc.. Emperor Guangxu twenty years (in 1894), Xianju run by Liu Xigui, the store has added in the sauce, fire, water, wine and homemade dishes. In the "Beijing morning news" after host Yang Manqing's initiative, the white water, in the heart, lung and liver of pig intestines removed, only. They first put fresh fat pig intestine with alkali, salt, and then water washed to remove the intestines with vinegar, the fishy smell after boiling, boil after the switch to slow fire stew pot cover, a pot a small circle of Kinabe, make intestines can be cooked and not run oil, maintain good taste. The intestines rotten cooked cut into half inch long short, commonly known as "thimble section". Fresh liver is washed and cut into strips. The seasoning is very hard, the oil boiled hot, added aniseed, aniseed deep fried in garlic, add the garlic mayonnaise immediately turn yellow, cooked in a pot. In addition, boil out some good mushroom soup. Put in boiling the soup, then add the fried garlic sauce, chopped green onion and mushroom soup with Jiang Mohe; then put raw liver good into the soup. Eat not chopsticks, no spoon, just holding the bowl bottom, along the bowl edge lips around drink, really have a distinctive flavor. Here is high quality and inexpensive, and thoughtful service, very popular with customers, business is very bustling. Minimum charge is 15 Yuan per person.

Location: No. 95 on Xianyukou Street in Chongwen District

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