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Wenyu Cheese Shop

As one of the most famous time-honored shops in Beijing, Wenyu Cheese Shop is simply decorated and gives a Qing Dynasty style. The cheese offered by the shop enjoys a high prestige in Beijing. There is always a long queue in front of the shop, with crowds waiting to get a bite of the cheese homemade at the shop. "Wen Yu cheese shop" is located in the city of Beijing Dongcheng District Nanluogu Lane, is a business of cheese and sour plum soup shop, the shop has been opened because of high quality and inexpensive, taste authentic, enjoying more prosperous business. Although the shop is hidden in a deep alley at Nanluoguxiang, the shop is very popular among the locals. Authentic old Beijing flavor snack, palace cheese flavor, not like western style cheese with heavy taste, nor even yogurt flavor, is made with milk and sugar and glutinous rice wine baked, relatively light flavor. The shop inside and outside is very simple, affordable. North Nanluogu Lane in Gulou East Main Street, South Street in peace is a famous Beijing hutong. Here the "cheese" is authentic old Beijing flavor snack. The cheese products taste very good, making Wenyu cheese shop far and wide-spread. The store offers homemade "sour plum soup" suitable for thirst quenching. Double-Layer Steamed Milk good, red bean and oat Double-Layer Steamed Milk recommended. A bowl of cheese costs about 10 Yuan.

Location: No. 49 in Nanluoguxiang

Photos of Wenyu Cheese Shop