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Xixiang Restaurant

Gently pushing open the door of Xi Xiang, the blackboard, the badminton racket in the corner, dirty deflated soccer, various kinds of childhood objects...... The restaurant is themed in nostalgic. In the alley, you can see a lot of familiar scenes and objects. They are all from childhood, inspiring your warm memories of childhood. A visit to the restaurant is kind of like traveling back in time to the childhood. The shelf is littered with old time objects, Transformers, Arale, tin train, photographic Winnie, bubble gum, kaleidoscope, pencil box, shuttlecock, colorful crayons, rattle, the bamboo dragonfly......by the way the restaurant makes you transport back to your campus, with everything here is school related, like the boss dressed as the teacher, the staff as the cleaning students on duty and the menu is made of the hard paper. The dishes are also uniquely made, and it is highly recommended to order the top few dishes on the menu for those first time visitors. The toilet door is painted with super Marie, those levels we are going backwards fluently, a child playing games in the Zhao Xuan home for the scene be visible before the eyes, until now. Minimum charge is about 60 Yuan per person; better to make reservation.

Location: No. 3 in Dajingchang Xixiang on Gulou Street

Photos of Xixiang Restaurant