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Zuihonglou Restaurant

The restaurant is opened by a family which moved to a traditional courtyard in Beijing from Taiwan specializing in serving up authentic Taiwan flavor dishes. For an authentic taste of Taiwan gourmet food, the restaurant is not to be missed! The restaurant is exquisitely decorated with a series of unique furniture and furnishings, like paintings on the wall, old photos, pocket puppets on shelves, old clocks - all exudes a nostalgic atmosphere, making the restaurant very cozy and comfortable. The only chef is the hostess of the restaurant who can really cook authentic Taiwan flavor gourmet food, though she is a Shanghainese. The signature food is the beef noodles. The soup is very tasty and looks very thick, not greasy but very savory. The noodles very crispy and flavorful and the beef is no doubt the essence of the noodles, mostly the lean meat, not overcooked and very tasty too. The sauced meat rice is also worth trying at the restaurant. All the dishes are well prepared with sophisticated procedures by the hostess. Minimum charge is about 50 Yuan per person. The chef is very dedicated to offer the gourmet food. 

Location: No. 39 in Maoer Hutong

Photos of Zuihonglou Restaurant