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Gangli Restaurant

A prestigious legend in Shanghai catering sector reputation name, the restaurant advances "fusion" dish as its concepts, with stylish interior decoration, making it become the super popular restaurant in Shanghai. Gangli Restaurant officially began opening business in 2008 in Beijing. The restaurant will uphold its own business philosophy. Service quality and type of hotel food standards bring another wave of foodies from around the city of Beijing as a popular catering brand. In 2009 the restaurant opened and welcomed the foodies with dishes fashion elegant shop decorations, exquisite originality...
Beijing Gangli restaurant is very popular chain restaurant opened in Beijing nearly 5 stores, hailing as one of the most popular brands in Beijing. Beijing Gangli restaurant has good taste, quiet and elegant, very suitable for the party. Open the restaurant menu, presumably each can attract you, like honey thick toast, Braised Eggplant with Soy Bean Paste, pineapple oil bread, chicken, shrimp, cuttlefish glue Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Conrad fried rice are all high dishes click rate. The restaurant prices not only fair, also including the group purchase with the same good quality, Gangli tea restaurant is not to miss while visiting Beijing. Minimum charge is 85 Yuan per person.

Location: 6th floor in Dayue City

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