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Hancang Kejia Cuisine Restaurant

Hancang Kejia Cuisine Restaurant features an antique flavour and a deep cultural atmosphere. Four walls restaurant is filled with greatly small Chinese characters. The beam is decorated with paper lanterns on the gallows, and the wood carving makes you travel back in time, transferring you in reciprocating illusion. The guests of the restaurant includes a lot of foreigners, they come here, in addition to come to Chinese culture atmosphere, but also to taste the authentic cuisines...
There is no better place to eat a special Hakka cuisine than Hancang in Beijing, offering baked prawns... Signature dishes also include the duck chin, small pot also have 12. In this small courtyard there are well-decorated ceiling, fish tank and pomegranate trees here. This open-air restaurant is worth going. With Qianhai oar boats, melodious Lute Music, Tai Chi for the elderly, old Beijing people strolling, a few musicians singing, will let you get an ultimate dining experience, with the old Beijing flavor aftertaste lingering. Perch skin crisp, the meat is very tender, red thick juice, sweet and clear. Salted shrimp is a major feature here. Better to reserve in advance and the restaurant is always packed with crowds. Minimum charge is 60 Yuan per person.

Location: in Shichahai Dongyan

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