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Manfulou Restaurant

Manfulou Restaurant adheres to the "heart to heart" business philosophy, allowing you to enjoy a court dining experience with affordable price. It was founded in Beijing in 1991, located in the Dianmennei Street. Under Mr. Aixinjueluo Pujie's guidance, with the Qing Dynasty copper hot pot boiled and muttons the restaurant is hailed as the most famous Beijing style Halal Restaurant. The restaurant has many features, including its environment, elegant, warm and thoughtful service, delicious food suitable for all ages.
Foodies coming here to eat include not only the repeat customers, but also the new generation after 80, 90, because in the restaurant you can not only enjoy the authentic old Beijing instant boiled meat, but also can feel the intoxication of Beijing culture. Deep fried shrimp: deep fried shrimp is delicious, nutrition is a set in a classic authorities vegetables. Deep fried shrimp, selecting high quality shrimp, shrimp crisp, fresh and salty taste, beautiful color, very rich in protein, with high nutritional value. Sugared Rolls is famous Beijing snack, favored by Chinese and foreigners. Sugared Rolls is from the Hui Muslim dishes, rich in nutrition, making a great appetizer. Turning from the shop of 98 square meters store into now thousands of square meters of restaurant, Manfulou is not to be missed while visiting Beijing. Minimum charge is 80 Yuan per person.

Location: No. 38 on Dianmennei Street

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