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2 Days Beijing Tour Package B (without hotel)

Price From: US$ 92

Departure: Daily
Duration: 2 days (start from about 8:00 am and back around 5:00pm)
Day 1 - Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace;
Day 2 - Ming Tombs, Badaling Great Wall, exterior view of Olympic Stadium.
Cable Car: Optional (140 RMB / US$ 21 round way)
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English, other language speaking guide (French, Japanese, Spanish etc.) is available, if need, please contact us!  

Itinerary of: 2 Days Beijing Tour Package B (without hotel)

Day 1
Beijing (L)
Summer Palace

1. Picking up travelers from hotel on departure time, and visit the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City. Then visit Temple of Heaven.
- Tiananmen Square: The largest public square in the world with a total area of 440,000 square meters.
- Forbidden City: The best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world.
- Temple of Heaven: The largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China
.2. Before lunch, you will have a visit to the Chinese Traditional Medicine Culture. Have Chinese lunch (40minutes) in Taiyichun Restaurant. After that, transfer to the Summer Palace.
- Summer Palace: The largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, greatly influences Chinese horticulture.
3. At last, driving the travelers back to guest hotel.

Day 2
Beijing (L)
Badaling Great Wall

1. Pick up travelers from hotel on departure time, and then drive to the Ming Tombs. Visit Changling in Ming Tombs.
- Ming Tombs: Buried 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty, it is the largest clusters of imperial cemeteries in China.
- Changling: The tomb of Emperor Chengzu and his empress, is the largest and most magnificent one of Ming Tombs.
2. Have traditional Chinese lunch at restaurant. Driving to the Badaling Great Wall.
- Badaling Great Wall:The most famous and best-preserved section of the Great Wall.
3. Visit Jade Factory about 45 minutes and learn about the stone carving art in China.
4. Then drive to the Olympic Stadium, you have 45 minutes to take pictures at the exterior visit of Bird's Nest and Water Cube. If you are interested in the inner structure of the stadiums, the tour guide will assist you in buying the tickets, and you could enter in the stadiums for a visit yourself.
5. Driving the travelers back to their hotel.

Tour Price for Per Person(US$)
Price List for this 2 Days Beijing Tour Package B - Tour price for per person
Group Size
1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
5 persons
6 persons
7~10 persons
US$ 217
US$ 152
US$ 145
US$ 123
US$ 112
US$ 104
US$ 92

Price including:
1. Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.
2. Air-conditioned car, van or minibus for your private group.
3. Entrance tickets of the sightseeing.
4. Private driver and English-speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing along the tour.
5. Meals as listed in itinerary, B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner.

Price excluding:
1. Fee of cable car;
2. Tips to the guide and driver.


If you want to share your Beijing city tour with other visitors and to reduce travel costs, join our analogical Bus Tour:
2 Days Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour A (without hotel) Price for US$ 48/pax

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Traveller Reviews of: 2 Days Beijing Tour Package B (without hotel)
Written by: Natalie Elise Groom ★★★★★ Added: 2015-02-16

We visited the most famous places in Beijing during the 2 days private tour. The most attractive place was the Great Wall of China and it was really amazing. Our tour guide Jennifer was knowledgeable and friendly. We had happy 2 days with her. I will recommend this tour to my friends who will visit Beijing in June.

Written by: Catalina Rengifo ★★★★☆ Added: 2015-01-26

The 2 days private tour was well organized and we enjoyed the historic places very much. The Great Wall and Summer Palace gave me deep impression. The Great Wall was so crowded and no wonder it was the most popular part in China. The Summer Palace was beautiful and with natural scenery there. I think it will be more beautiful if in summer.

Written by: Daryle Walton ★★★★★ Added: 2015-01-09

I visited the most places I want to visit in Beijing. It was really a fantastic tour. Tony was really formative and humorous. We had 2 good days with him. The driver M Li was also professional and polite. Thanks to Tina arranged such good tour for us.

Written by: TJAN KOK TJIN ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-12-08

The 2 days private tour in Beijing brought us wonderful days in Beijing. We visited the most attractive places in Beijing and also tasted the famous Peking Roast Duck meal during our tour. May our tour guide helped us much during the tour guide will got much knowledge from her about China. Beijinglandscapes.com is highly recommended!

Written by: Yaron Ilan ★★★★★ Added: 2014-07-10

The trip to Beijing is truly once in a lifetime experience. Really had a great time over those two days and really enjoyed visiting those historic sights in the city. Never expected to see so many sights in one go. Could  not ask for anything more!

My favorite sight is the Great Wall. The wall itself is quite overwhelming and I really did an incredible walk on the wall. Too bad there are too many visitors out there and it is too touristy along the way. The crowd made it hard to explore the wall at my own pace. Anyway, it is still fun to get to explore the wall on that trip!

Overall, it is a memorable trip I did in Beijing. Loved it!

Written by: Gerogina Bustinzar ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-05-26

The 2-day itinerary is great and well organized too. Really enjoyed visiting those historic sights and had plenty of essential Chinese experiences. The experience in Beijing is just incredible and really glad I did this tour.

The most impressive sights and highlight of my 2-day trip are of course the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Too bad there was large crowd visiting the sights, No wonder they are so popular with the domestic visitors. The wall and palace are as impressive and awe-inspiring as they could be! I really had a great time exploring them.

Overall, the 2-day trip could not get any better than it did!

Written by: Ulrik Mattsson ★★★★★ Added: 2014-02-20

Once in a lifetime experience! Hiking up and down the snaking wall of China is really amazing and fun! The section I visited is well restored and very ideal for trekking. The stone stairs are very solid and great countryside views all over the area. I just loved every minute of it!

Written by: Shirley ★★★★★ Added: 2013-08-21

Very professional company that did what they promised. Called the morning of our tour and told us they would be a little late and gave us the time to expect them. Picked us up at our hotel and gave a great tour of the city highlights. The tour did require quite much walking so it would be very recommended for wear comfortable shoes for explore Beijing.

Written by: Raymond ★★★★★ Added: 2013-06-19

The tour guide was very helpful, and had a wonderful personality. The information and recommendations that she gave were interesting and useful. The trip itself was very well coordinated. Overall I loved it. Forbidden City has a very incredible architecture which is very ancient and rich of history. Not be missed if visiting Beijing!

Written by: Mark ★★★★★ Added: 2013-05-25

Such a nice experience to finally could climbed the Wall. The famous and magnificent Ming Dynasty of Badaling Great Wall is absolutely worth visit! Although the section adjacent from Beijing city, but I recommend you should not come to Badaling on weekend. There will be crowded with local visitors.

Written by: Tommie ★★★★★ Added: 2013-05-10

Overall, it was a nice tour. We did take so many amazing pictures during the trip and got deep understandings of Beijing history, culture and visit most interesting sites around the city. Everything went very smoothly, we were picked up at the hotel on time and till the end the trip all was very well organized and under control.

Written by: Betty ★★★★★ Added: 2013-04-12

Excellent tour with a great tour guide and well organized tour! We are gladly recommended the tour for anyone who has limited time in Beijing. This trip was the highlight of our whole trip to Beijing. We did visit a lot of impressive historical sites in the city. The tour makes the easy way explore all of them. Only wish we had more time to stay.

Written by: Jefferson ★★★★★ Added: 2013-03-16

This tour was a great way to get an overview of many Beijing historical places includes Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. The imperial garden was the highlight of our tour! The sceneries were just so stunning and authentic. A perfect royal garden for emperor. Overall, we enjoyed this 2 days trip so much and we are planning to return to Beijing next year.

Written by: Janet ★★★★★ Added: 2013-02-25

We had an excellent 2 day trip in Beijing! All of attractions were very worth to see and explore. The Great Wall was impressive as well as another famous interesting places around the city. We were explored the Great Wall in the morning and given enough time to spend on the Wall. No complaints at all about the tour. Would recommend this tour to anyone.

Written by: Weblerr ★★★★★ Added: 2013-02-05

2 days explore many famous historical attractions in Beijing for example, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven etc. The experience was worth it. Keep your eyes open on the route to each destination, from the coach window you can see a lot of new and interesting things. I would definitely recommend this tour.

Written by: Rose ★★★★★ Added: 2013-01-10

All of the highlights were great and impressive! According to the guide said, in Ming Tombs buried 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty. And because of that, the cemeteries complex got its name, Ming Tombs. The place was so big, calm, quiet and clean. It seems a little bit mysterious for me. Another historical site was also very amazing with great story behind!

Written by: Brian ★★★★★ Added: 2012-11-20

A great way to see the main attractions of Beijing in two full days. Very worth of money that I spent! My family and I very glad that we had this 2 days private trip! I learned so much about Beijing architecture, culture, history and life style. Gladly recommend this kind of trip to you all who visit Beijing!

Written by: Timothy ★★★★★ Added: 2012-09-19

Worth the trip and money. Beautiful and scenic sites of Beijing such as, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City etc are must visit places. Overall this 2 days trip was very well organize and the local guide was also really good. Summer Palace was one of my favorite sites. A big imperial garden where had lot of historical relics and exotic view. Very love the garden!

Written by: Campbell ★★★★★ Added: 2012-08-27

The trip was fantastic right from the start. We saw and learned many things on this trip. We had visited many famous and wonderful historical sites with this 2 days tour. Really great value for money, tour guide was also very kind and informative. She was also very friendly and polite. It was an excellent experience overall. Thank you!

Written by: Cynthia ★★★★☆ Added: 2012-05-28
Excellent trip! The tour guide was very well versed in the history of the places and provided excellent info. The great wall was amazing and it was made so easy picked up and returned to the hotel. Everything went smoothly during our 2 days Beijing tour. It's a must do for all tourist.
Written by: Jason Mraz ★★★★☆ Added: 2012-05-18

An absolutely scenic and spectacular climb to the Great Wall at Badaling. We trekked up the steep steps and finally reached the top watch tower. This was the highlight of our 2 days Beijing tour package! Other sights were also great but crowd. Thanks the tour guide Lily, she offered a great service and told us a large amount of history and stories which made us knew China better! Thanks for all your kindly service! Best regards!

Written by: Joseph Haydn ★★★★☆ Added: 2012-05-02

I and my family had a very happy 2 days Beijing trip last week. It was a great tour with a lot of good experience, and the views were absolutely amazing. I saw a modern city with a long history and unique culture. Great wall hiking was the highlight of this tour, forbidden city was crowd, summer palace was so large and also crowd. Our tour guide offer a great service and told a lot of history. Thanks for anything you did for our tour!

Written by: Molly ★★★★★ Added: 2011-09-20

We booked our tour online and everything went well. The tour guide phoned us the night before the tour and picked us on time in the morning, the whole day was a great experience, all the sites were great and the tour guide was excelent. A highly recommended value for money tour.

Written by: Alva Cook ★★★★★ Added: 2011-04-20

The tour was just finished. We had a very good day. Everything went so well. The tour guide Lily and the driver Mr Wang are extremely competent and very very nice service. The sightseeings were charming and wonderful. We will always recommend. Thanks and best regards.

Written by: Lee Yonng ★★★★★ Added: 2011-04-01

We love this tour. We visited the Badaling Great Wall which we expected the most and the scenery was so charming, we took a lot of photos. We also went to visit summer palace, forbidden city and other major sites. Our tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. We had a very good stay in Beijing. Thanks.

Written by: Charles James ★★★★★ Added: 2010-12-17

I selected this tour as it contains all highlights in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Hutong, Olympic Stadium, etc. I did not ask for picking up so i arrived at the hotel by myself. I called the company telling them my room number and new phone number. And i was picked up on time the next morning. The guide was extremely nice and professional. I was much appreciated for that. I had a great time in Beijing.

Written by: Jimmy Wilson ★★★★★ Added: 2010-11-18

Everything went very smoothly, from start to finish. We were picked up early from our hotel, and drove us to the sightseeing. Our guide was helpful with his commentary, and he is funny and attentive to our needs, a very good person. The driver certainly knew his way around Beijing and the surrounding district. My wife and I were very glad we booked this tour from your company. This is the first time we been China and we felt so glad with you. Thanks a lot. We recommend this tour and this company to all, it was really good and valuable.

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