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Beijing Transportation

As the metropolis, transportation is very important for the tourists in Beijing, especially for those who want to travel independently. Here provides you the basic transportations in Beijing and insight on how to get around in Beijing much more convenient all by yourselves.

  • Beijing Airline Beijing Airline

    Airline in Beijing is a crucial way to connect with the world and other places of China. If you arrive or leave Beijing by airplanes, this page provides you some tips and insight on Beijing Capital Airport.

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  • Beijing Airport Express Train Beijing Airport Express Train

    The transportation is very convenient with the airport expressway linking to the urban area. Taking an airport express train from Beijing capital airport to downtown Beijing or vice versa is one of the fastest ways to get your destination. The price is

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  • Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus

    Taking the Beijing airport shuttle bus is the cheapest way to get to Beijing downtown from the airport or vice versa. It offers ten routes to city downtown. Before taking the shuttle bus, you had better know the bus routes, the fares and where you get off.

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  • Beijing Train Beijing Train

    It can be said that Beijing is the general railway transportation hub of China. Taking the train in China you can meet people from all over the country and enjoys unavailable in any other forms of travel. This page will tell you the basic information about Beijing Railway Stations.

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  • Beijing Subway Beijing Subway

    Beijing is the first city in China to have a subway and the subway can be the fastest urban vehicle in Beijing. Until now there are 16 subway lines in total. For tourists visiting Beijing, some basic knowledge of the main subway lines which pass the main attractions is quite helpful.

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  • Beijing Public Bus Beijing Public Bus

    Travelling by public bus is by far the cheapest way of getting around Beijing and you can get almost anywhere you want by bus. The flipside to this affordable transport is overcrowding and time-consuming. Watch your wallet when you get on the bus.

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  • Beijing Taxi Beijing Taxi

    Take a taxi is a very convenient choice if you are familiar with the map of Beijing. Fares are charged according to the running kilometers.
    Comprehensive Price: price = starting price (10 CNY within 3km) + priced per kilometer (2.3 CNY)

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  • Beijing Bicycles Beijing Bicycles

    Bicycles remain the primary form of transportation for any of the inhabitants in the city. With its flat, wide roads and generous bicycle lanes, central Beijing is a safe place to cycle and the healthy, convenient, economical and environmentally friendly means of travel.

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  • Beijing Car Rental Beijing Car Rental

    For foreign visitors, you may always anxious about the traffic in Beijing. In order to save your time and let your Beijing tour much more comfortable, here we offer you a convenient car rental service including airport transfer, train station transfer, downtown transfer, great wall car rental, etc.

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