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Gubeikou Great Wall Hiking Trip

I booked a tour online before I flew over the Pacific Ocean to Beijing last week. After my tour guide showed up at my downtown hostel, we started out tour to Gubeikou, an off the beaten road section of the Great Wall. The hike over there was quite long and the paths were very difficult to handle. That section was well known as one of the wildest sections of the wall.

Gubeikou Great Wall

It took us about 3 hours to get there from the city proper. On the ride I also took my time to take in the early morning views of Beijing and lovely countryside and fields. The sky was overcast that day, but that did not stop me going on the excursion to Gubeikou. The reason why I opted for that section was because it was as isolated as it could be. Hardly any tourists out here and very very few hawkers bothering you along the way. Fortunately, the sun came out after we trekked on the wall for a while. That made me more excited for my hiking on the wild wall. Along the way, I kept my cameras busy shooting here and there. Great picture opportunities seemed all over the place.

Truth to be told, the hike was not easy as I thought. Even though the path was not all that high up, I had to catch my breath from time to time. There seemed to be so many steep sections over there, more ascending sections than descending ones. So I just took my time and did not rush to trek my way up. The wall snaking over the mountains for as far as the eyes could see. The watch towers were scattered all along the wall and kind of gave me some senses to estimate the length of the hike! The views were as spectacular as it could be! At many sections on the wall the path fell out, with some missing stones and some of them very steep.

Overall, I had a full day and fun with my hiking to Gubeikou. It was all about fun and adventure and I loved it!