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1 Day Tour to Badaling Great Wall & Forbidden City

Booked this one day private tour to Badaling Great Wall and Forbidden City is my best decision during my tours in Beijing. Just one day, I appreciated the strong history atmosphere and cultural deposits. I was so excited at the night before the tour day. Just from magazine, the Great Wall is only one man-made project visible from moon. Stretching more than 6,400 kilometers, the Great Wall is one of the world wonders.

Forbidden City

Woke up early because of the happy mood. The tour guide and driver picked me up on time, first to the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. The tour guide said that these also the famous attractions as famous as the Badaling Great Wall. I was so lucky to enjoy the entirely different group of buildings from modern buildings. The emperors in China were so rich that they could spend so much money on the constructions. This Forbidden City is really large, I doubted that how they live in it with this large area? Did they find the places clearly? I really respected to these imperial people living in this huge construction. During this visiting in Forbidden City, I heard of many interesting stories about the imperial life in ancient China. They were the big harvest in this tour.

Badaling Great Wall Tour

After lunch, we transferred to the Great Wall at Badaling eventually. If you are not first in Beijing personally, you could not have the feeling as me. I was athrill on the way. Arrived at the destination, wow, really good in long distance. I must experience this huge project personally. This was a fabulous highlight of our trip to China. We all see pictures of the wall but to actually climb it and stand on it has so much meaning. Can you imagine 300,000 men built this - how on earth was it achieved and amazing site? The only one pity was the crowded people, if less people, I prefer to stay on it for ling time.

In addition, you would do well to be relatively fit for this and good footwear and layers are must. Taking cable car is good idea to enjoy the grand view of the Badaling Great Wall, at same time, you can avoid the crowded people. Highly recommend!