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My Village Tour in Beijing

This is my second time to Beijing and I love this city very much because it perfectly combined the traditional atmosphere with modern prosperity. The first impression did make a great influence to people. So this time I choose beijinglandscapes again. Since I have already visited the famous Beijing attractions such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden, and I am very interested in the countryside of China, thus I booked the Beijing Hancunhe Modern Village Day Tour online. And I really have a wonderful time today.

Hancunhe Village

At 8:00 am, the English speaking tour guide picked me up at my hotel and started the trip to Hancunhe Village. About more than one hour later, we got to the destination. To my surprise, the village is very beautiful and comfortable. Trees are planted everywhere, all the villagers' villa-type houses in both traditional Chinese and European architectural style. Built in the suburbs of Beijing, Hancunhe Village has all kinds of rich resources. The culture, education, science and technology, health and other infrastructure and social services system are complete in the village.

During the tour to the development museum, I learnt more about the village's history and its development. Once a poor village, since the implementing of reform and opening-up policy, Hancunhe has now become one of the nation's model villages. Although not very large, all the villagers here live happily. Once entered the village, I fell in love it. The fresh air and the green trees make me feel very comfortable and away from the boisterous city atmosphere.

Today my favorite part is visiting a local family. The house is not big but very clean and tidy. I chat with the hostess. She is very friendly and enthusiastic and brought out a lot of fresh fruit for me to eat.

Already 5:00 pm now and I my tour is end. The kindly tour guide dropped me off at my hotel and say goodbye. I feel very satisfied with this trip because I get a very different feeling this time. Thank you again to Beijinglandscapes!