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Fabulous 2 Days Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

I would like to give you my personal experience to the Great Wall. I am one of the adventure fans, so I choose the dangerous section of the Great Wall to hike and feel nature. If you are same with me, choose the Jinshanling Great Wall.

Bird's Eye View of Jinshanling Great Wall

Choosing the Jinshanling Great Wall, I considered it is not maintained as well as Badaling Great Wall, and it keeps the original characteristic. Looking at it, I have strong feelings dating back to the ancient times. It gathers various traces of ancient wars. In order to have satisfied tour, I booked the 2 days Jinshanling Great Wall tour package online to feel it atmosphere in-depth. The tour guide and driver picked me up at hotel, then drove to Jinshanling Great Wall in 2 hours. On the way, I always was excited about it, just because I would like to enjoy its majestic magnificence and intensive watch towers. Connected with Simatai Great Wall, Jinshanling section was the important place for wars.

Wall in Jinshanling

Arriving at Jinshanling Great Wall, I was agog to start my Jinshanling hiking tour. It is little difficult to hike because of the less maintained. Its environment is better than Beijing downtown, even the sky is more clear. Less people made it quieter, just like a soldier protecting the Beijing city silently. In short distance, we have visited several watch towers in different shapes. At same time, the facilities of wars are very complete such as battery, barrier wall, horse house, etc. Standing on the highest watch tower – Wangjing Tower, I saw the Beijing city and Miyun Reservoir. I found it has best sight on Jinshanling section, even the air is fresh. On the way, the tour guide told me many stories about this section and its influence in history.

The night we slept in the Jinshaning Great Wall hotel. Next day, we continued to hike the east section of the Jinshanling Great Wall. After 2 days, I have more interests about the Jinshanling section. Last, I must thank the beijinglandscapes.com, it offered me best help and service.