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3 Days Beijing Experience

On my trip to Beijing this time I had more time to explore the historic city. I spent 3 days in the city and visited a couple of iconic sights over there. The day trips I had in there was fun and full of incredible sights, great shopping and gourmet food.

Forbidden City

First day of my trip to Beijing, my tour guide took me to get a glimpse of the historic sites within the city proper. They include Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square and I even got out to watch a night show in the evening. Tiananmen Square is really huge and is kind of awe-inspiring while standing on the square and looking around. The imperial palace itself is huge too and more imposing, full of magnificent palaces, halls and exquisitely designed sights. Walking around the complex is kind of like traveling back in time for me. It was dizzy yet I really loved it! While hanging around in the compound, I even got a chance to see plenty of treasure exhibits on display in some of the many halls. One of the things I liked about the palace is its luxury and style. It seemed like there were so many imperial relics in there for me to take in. The Temple of Heaven is actually a park, larger than the Forbidden City. The architecture in the park is a little bit different from those in Forbidden City yet as amazing!

Badaling Great Wall

Next day I went further outside the city roper to the suburb to visit the Ming Tombs and Great Wall at Badaling section. The tomb area had a lovely stone-paved path lined with interesting statues. I had a great walk down the path before I went inside an underground tomb for a visit to the afterlife of the Ming emperor. It is a whole new experience to me though. After that we headed for the wall. I grabbed a cable car up the wall and enjoyed an incredible hike along the snaking wall. It was just as amazing as it could be and I really enjoyed every minute of it! Last day I completed my trip to Beijing with a visit to Summer Palace and had a relaxing walk to Hutong.

Overall, best 3 days I had while visiting China! Loved it there in China!