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3 Mistakes I Made Explore Badaling Great Wall

Last Saturday, under the suggestion of my friend, we explored Badaling Great Wall. In the earliest time, I have heard Badaling Great Wall is the most famous section in the world. Our country leader – Obama ever visited it. However, hiking journey is not so perfect that I original imagined.

Badaling Great Wall

Without Planning the Wonderful Tourism Day
I want to say, every one of us get Badaling Great Wall is the most famous section in the world. However, it is also the most crowded section in the great wall sections. We started our hiking journey in the early morning but surprised by amazing crowded tourists. After arriving at the section, our vision was first impressed by the long ranking vendors. They shouted, selling all kinds of souvenirs, food and cloth toys. Hiking journey was filled with tourists from all over the world. At that time, I imagined this section is not the scenery spot but a large scale communication market. Taking a picture with the full appearance of this section is very hard for me. So, Saturday is really not suitable for hiking and coming out for visiting. Here, I want to say, if you want to have a completely appreciation about Beijing highlights, avoiding the festivals and weekend will be an ideal choice!

Without Doing Enough Preparation for Hiking
For such a long journey, we always did our best to conquer. During the half journey, we became very tired. Every step for us is just like an elegant mountain to climb and hike. Thirsty is always around us. What to be surprised is that water and food here is so expensive. We felt regret we did not prepare in advance. There are many tourists taking water with them. As a fresh hiker, I felt very disappointed. On the whole journey, we bought three bottles of water, costing totally 20 Yuan. Different stages, water was sold with different price.

Carving on the Section without Protecting
After arriving at the high point, in order to memorize my hiking journey, I carved my name on the wall building. Most of tourist all did that like this. Suddenly, my friend told me that it is bad behavior. For the world wonder, we should protect them. I understood and got a lot! Yes, he said very right!

These tips are the important notice I got from the journey. Hope you a typical hiking journey!