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3 Mistakes I Made while Visiting Great Wall

I visited the Great Wall at Jinshanling section with my friends. It was fun and full of blood-pumping experiences while we were trekking along on the crumbling sections of the wall. However, I did make a few stupid mistakes what I paid the price real badly!

First of all – I forgot to wear walking shoes!
Jinshanling Great Wall

Hiking along the crumbling walls at Jinshanling was kind of hard to me, but worst of all, my shoes were killing me the whole time while we were trekking along on the wall. I got to say that was the dumbest mistake I made during that hiking to Jinshanling. The shoes I wore were kind of slippery while I was climbing up the wall, so most of the time I was kind of tagging along behind my friends, which really pissed me off really badly! You have no idea how I wished at the moment that I could race them to the highest point of the wall, but complaint was helplessly useless! Just to think a pair of shoes would get me down! What a bummer! Do not repeat my mistake if you ever want to go for an adventure to Jinshanling!

Second Mistake – I did not bring enough film rolls!
Jinshanling Great Wall

You have no idea how amazing the views at Jinshanling section were, with the crumbling walls snaking upon rugged hills as far as the eyes can see, but unfortunately, I forgot to check my camera before we started on our trip that day. As it turned out, my camera run out of film rolls pretty soon, and I did not snap as much as amazing photos as I wanted along the way! How stupid it is, right? I missed so many amazing pictures that I could not snap with my camera just because I run out of films.

Last but not the least – for the first-time visit we did not hire a guide!
Mind my words, if you do not want your adventure to Jinshanling turn out to be an unpleasant experience, it is highly recommended to hire a local guide for those first time travelers to Jinshanling as it can be quite difficult and dangerous to walk through the crumbling sections of the Great Wall there. Moreover, it is very easy to get lost while finding your way across the wilderness. Lucky for us, we run into a local farmer in the end, he kindly led us back down the hill.

Overall, it was a fun-filled excursion to jInshanling aside from a few downsides!