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3 Tips for Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour

Nowadays, there appears a new theme tour of Badaling Great Wall - take a helicopter. Although it is a much expensive than the normal ways, it is really worth your money to enjoy the spectacular panorama view of this world wonder. However, for this kind of tour type, 3 tips need your attention.

Badaling Helicopter
Reservation Information
For the helicopter tour, it is special and unique. So, you should follow the departure time, don't be late and too early. First, you should consider your body condition, because some people can't be adapted to the high altitude. Different helicopter types, you should charge different fee. Please prepare the money in advance. Of course, you can ask your tour guide in advance about these questions. Doing preparation is very important, because the helicopter tour we offered is in short time. If you plan to enjoy the hiking journey, loosen clothes should be prepared. About the children taking the helicopter, the age range is between 3 years to 12 years. Because of the weather, we have to cancel the tour. Under the condition, you can ensure we could contact with you timely.

Badaling Helicopter
Boarding Information
For the boarding procedure, you should arrive at the designated place 40 minutes in advance. If you are delayed, you have no right to board. Boarding procedure on departure hall and fill in the necessary forms and get your boarding card. During the time, tour guide will help you. So, if you have something emergency, you could ask for them. What the most important is that you should follow the staff construction to get on the helicopter. Turn the important things to your tour guide, keep light to enjoy.

Flying Journey
It is forbidden to take the inflammable articles which are easy to explode on board. Taking weapons and other dangerous items are also prohibited. Before boarding, the camera and videos should be labeled anti-flash in case affecting the pilot's control. During the flight journey, it is forbidden to take off anti-glare film for photography. It is seriously forbidden to take pictures in front of the helicopter before boarding until the plane took off. It is must to fasten your seat belts. Sitting in the cabin, don't touch any power switch and the door handle in order to have a safe condition.

After grasping these tips, terrific flying on the Badaling Great Wall is easy!