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My 4 Days Trip in Beiijing

We arrived in Beijing in the late afternoon and saw the tour guide holding an outstanding welcome sign with my name on it. On the way to our hotel, the tour guide make a short explain for the tour agenda and the introduction of Beijing. I would like to say that I am very satisfied with the hotel. It is located in the heart of the golden area of Beijing, surrounded by major business centers, tourist attractions and the Embassy area. In the evening, walking along the streets around, we got a charming feeling of the night scenery in Beijing.

Nine Dragon Wall in Forbidden City

In the early morning of the second day, the tour guide picked us up in the hotel and began our tour around the city downtown: Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Summer Palace. I was looking forward to visit Forbidden City for a long time. Now the dream came true. It is so huge and all the palaces are decorated with the most precious materials. And the dragon is the main pattern. Dragon in the Forbidden City, not only soar in the lofty and solemn halls but also throughout the Royal living environment, since all kinds of objects of clothing, furniture, clocks, paper room utensils, cups and saucers, utensils and even ceremonial weapons, everywhere dance with all kinds of dragons. It is the dragon world.

Another impressive attraction is the Badaling Great Wall. In the third travel day, we enjoyed the view of this world wonder. So crowed… the steep steps lead to the top of it is full of people. Climbing to the top I was nearly drenched although the weather is not hot. Having a deep breath, enjoying the view of mountains far away, I with open arms embrace the nature. How cool!

At last I would like to say thank you to our tour guide. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. And when we had trouble finding the bus in the parking lots he would blow the horn to get our attention. I really enjoy this 4 days trip in Beijing!