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5 Day Beijing Bus Tour Package

My wife and I had a honeymoon tour in Beijing. My friends asked me why not choosing a romantic city, I answered Beijing is the romantic city combined the modern into vintage. Different with Pairs, Beijing has strong history and culture atmosphere, it is the real romantic city. We booked the local Beijing courtyard hotel. Hearing of we are new couple, the boss prepared a guestroom like the honeymoon room for us specially. Because of the different languages, we decided to book a tour online to save our time for finding places. So we find this BLS, a Beijing China tour operator, and booked a bus tour package. An in-depth Beijing tour for 5 days is our dream for long terms.

Overlooking Badaling Great Wall

These most famous attractions of Beijing beyond my mind, they are so hot for tourists in Beijing. May be this time is suited for tourist, majority of spots crowded with people. But we liked this kind of trip with various tourists from all over the world. For example, Badaling Great Wall was so crowded that we hard to climb to the top, so we chosen to take cable car to enjoy the whole view of this world wonder. My wife and I were always discussing how they built this huge project without any modern facilities. The tour guide told us this huge construction was built just depended on the labors in ancient China. We were shocked by the strong strands of determination and persistence of ancient Chinese people. At same time, we were told a moving story about the Great Wall. As well as Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven are also worthy this visit if you stay in Beijing.

Rickshaws in Hutong

Besides these, Beijing hutongs attracted me lots. The different hutogns have different stories. In Beijing center, these hutongs show the real life of Beijingers. Walking in them, we found various former residences of celebrities, famous historical sites, etc. They are the witness of ordinary life from ancient time to now. Only existed in China, panda was the other aim to Beijing. According to tour guide, the base of breeding pandas is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. If we have time in Chin again, we must visit the base to approach these lovely animals closely.

Last, the service offered by this Beijing China travel agency was satisfied. Next to China, I would choose this company to book route online.