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Great Feeling in Beijing

I miss the 5 days in Beijing so much, with several new friends met in that bus tour package. Before that Beijing tour, I knew nothing about this famous city, just heard some news on TV. What urged me made a decision to Beijing was the trailer on Youtobe. It is so charming that I addicted myself into its attractions. These architecture structure and form I have never seen, they seemed say something about ancient Beijing, ancient China.

Ended of this trailer, I surfed the internet and found a local Beijing China travel agency, and booked 5 days tour package with hotel online. Booked the plane tickets at same time, I packed my luggage and started.

Donghuamen Night Market

Arrived at Beijing, the driver was waiting for me holding a sign with my name, and he transferred me to my decided hotel. On the way to hotel, the kind driver told me he was the driver in this 5 days tour. Have a good rest in hotel the first day, I have full energy to visit the Donghuamen Night Market by taxi, this place told by the driver also. Gathered many people and foreigners, this night market has better atmosphere. I taste some characteristic snacks just there gathered many people. They were really well taste, even though I am not used to this kind of foods.

Ming Tombs - Chnagling

Second day, the tour guide and driver picked me up on departure time. First visited Ming Tombs to Changling. This tomb is very magnificent than other tombs, because of its owner spent much money for it. It was very interesting that when we out of this tomb, the tour guide told us to beat ourselves slightly and shoot that I come back! The tour guide said there is a legend that this is a boundary between Yin and Yang. Striding this boundary, you must shoot that you come back to drive away bad luck. So interesting!

Like this kind of story and legend, I was told among the 5 days. They are all fantastic and attractive. No matter the history and cultural customs, I found the real lovely sides of this busy city. Living in this city, may be you feel it as usual. As a tourist from foreign, I liked this city as much as its strong history atmosphere and lively cultural environment. Much love this Beijing!