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A Bite of Beijing (2) - Instant-Boiled Mutton

History of the famous ancient Beijing instant-boiled mutton can be dated back to the Kublai, the fifth emperor in Yuan Dynasty. That time, the emperor expedited in southern. In winter, cooks have no time to make the traditional haricot during intense wars. In order to let soldiers have full power before fight, the cooks boiled water and put mutton into boiled water. The done mutton has good taste with seasoning. This dish got the heart of Kublai, so he popularized the instant-boiled mutton in the whole army. In 13 Century, Kublai entered and hosted Central Plains, then built capital in Beijing. He established the first minority regime in Chinese history – Yuan Dynasty. At same time, he brought the delicious foods to Beijing from grassland. Instant-boiled Mutton is one of them. During 100 years ruled by the Mongoloid, the gene of Mongoloid delicious foods plant into the Beijing catering culture deeply.

Instant-Boiled Mutton

After 100 years, the Zhu Yuanzhang, an ordinary people, established the Ming Dynasty instead of Yuan Dynasty. The power of Mongoloid built in cutlery and perished in cutlery. Only the cate of Mongoloid was kept in Beijing. After 300 years, the Ming Dynasty also was destroyed in wars, and the Manchu in northeastern came to Beijing, even built the second minority regime – Qing Dynasty. Same as Mongoloid, the fight motored by Manchu brought the large number of people in Manchu. At same time, they also added new elements to Beijing catering culture. The Kublai brought the mutton cuisines, and the Hong Taiji riched the recipe of ordinary people in Beijing. Manchu is one of the minorities rise the pig. May be the influence of pork is less than mutton, but the snacks of Manchu changed and refigured the structure of snack of Beijing thoroughly.

Today, if you are familiar with the Beijing snacks, you would know that they were brought to Beijing by Manchu, such as pea cake, snowballing usury, bean juice, etc. Taste these snacks and characteristic cate, Wangfujing Snack Street and Donghuamen Night Market are ideal places for tourists. In fact, not every kinds of cate produced in fight, some born in love.