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A Bite of Beijing (3) - Quan Ju De Roast Duck

Beijing traditional cate is one of the marks of Beijing traditional culture. This kind of glory roots in the respect it pays to history and the inappropriate it pays to times. Under the life style of high speed today, the craftsmanship of Beijing traditional cate like a historical museum, almost every procedure is accomplished by people personally and experienced cooks. Fussy procedure can make sure the integrity of the whole taste. One of the most representative cates is Peking Roast Duck.

Peking Roast Duck

As the first taste in China, Peking Roast Duck has famous all over the world. Built in 1864, Quan Ju De almost has become the pronoun of Peking Roast Duck. Among various roast duck shops, without any doubt, the Quan Ju De Roast Duck the boutique in boutique. The reason why the Quan Ju De Roast Duck is so delicious is the cook skills like sorting, process, etc.

Quan Ju De Roast Duck

The sorting of Quan Ju De Roast Duck is very careful and strict. The feeding time is 40 days exactly, because the taste of duck meat is best at this time. The skin of duck cannot fracture, must be complete. Even the immersion time must be kept in fixed time. After these sections, the ducks is more delicious and tender.

After hundreds of years, Quan Ju De (Qianmen) always insists the traditional craftsmanship – Roasted Duck in stove. Before grill, these ducks should deal in 28 careful processes. Cooks hang the sucks into the stove, slowly turn by fruit wood in half an hour, then the roast duck is successful. In tens of square meters, the air is fulfilled with the attractive smell.

Moved from the stove, Peking Roast Duck is purplish red in color and good smell. Before you enjoy the duck, you must appreciate the last unique technique of cooks – slice duck. Just the whole process of slice duck will let audiences praise greatly. In 5 minutes, this whole duck is sliced in 100 ~ 120 pieces, even every piece is connected. Eating the Peking Roast Duck is the most enjoyed time, lotus leaf pancakes, as thin as a cicada’s wings, is wiped tailor-made sweet sauce, mingled some golden duck meat. Looks so beautiful and delicious, can let you forget every problems.

Just see my introduction, you cannot enjoy the real Peking Roast Duck. Have a try in Quan Ju De, you are worth the Beijing tour.