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Acrobatics Show, Wonderful Night Tour in Beijing

I want to visit every characteristic of Beijing in this time during my first Beijing trip. I heard of the night Beijing is so wonderful and beautiful from my friend had visited Beijing before me. So I decided to make every night in Beijing more interesting. I have wandered in Houhai Bar Street, Sanlitun Bar Street, Blue Harbor, acrobatics show, etc. Every night left me deep impression.

Night Scenery of Houhai

About 6:00pm, the tour guide and driver picked me up and transferred to theater. Because I booked the bus tour, I met several new friends in this car. We even talked about our tour in Beijing and share the experiences. Upon arrived at the theater, we were led to the seats by the tour guide and staff in theater. I was rejoiced that I enjoyed this acrobatics show in Beijing. It was the other essence of China worth to see.

The tour guide told us the acrobatics show performs every night and last about one and a half hour and the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe is one of the best in China on the way. An acrobatic show has become the mostly popular evening entertainment for tourists in Beijing, besides the acrobatic show, still has Chinese Kungfu Show and Peking Opera Show. They are the main entertainments in evening of Beijing. Choosing one of them, you will know about a part of Chinese history and culture.

I was shocked by the soft body and techniques of performers, so that I cannot believe my eyes. I enjoyed the gravity-defying contortionism, Jumping through hoops, Hand feats, chair-stacking, and plate-spinning acts, etc. I wrote these names of skills deliberately, in order to list them on my journey book. The whole process gave me huge surprise in various sides.

Ended of this night show tour, we were sent to our hotels one by one. Besides the performance, I had to say the price and service offered by BeijingLandscapes.com were the most satisfied to me.