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Adrenaline-pumping Trek at Jinshanling

We have been in Beijing for a couple of days after a tedious flight from San Francisco. So far we have had a great time and a lot of fun exploring the historic city. On our last day in Beijing we decided to venture off the beaten path to hike Jinshanling Great Wall and we booked this tour online travel with our guide Paul.

Jinshanling Great Wall

To make an early start to one of the furthest and less touristy sections of the Great Wall, we woke up very early. We eventually arrived after about two and a half hours of car ride and were dropped off at the starting point of a hike of the wall. Seeing the isolated section of the Great Wall for the first time, we were both very excited and very careful to hike the wall. There were some parts of the path that were very dangerous to hike through and you just need to be extra careful and one hundred percent attentive to walk through those parts of the wall. It was nothing like we did at Mutianyu which is a well restored section of the wall. Our hike at Jinshanling was more exciting and full of blood-pumping experiences. Very few visitors made the longer trek out there so we really had a relatively peaceful trek up there. We both had a lot of fun with our trek along the way. It was extremely difficult to make it to the end of the wild wall, yet the sight made it all worthwhile.

The wall itself was as impressive as it could be and there were more watch towers at that section. It was sunny that day and standing on the highest point of the wall, we could clearly see far distance. The wall snaked its way upon rugged hills overgrown with shrubs and bush and got very steep at some parts of the wall with loose stones and bricks all over the path. There were times we had to stop to get some rest to continue our trek up there. Other times we kept ourselves busy snapping amazing photos of the snaking wall and the spectacular countryside surrounding the wall. Moreover, Paul had filled us a lot of history about the wall, which made our trek on the wall more fun and enjoyable. Overall, it was really a memorable day trip we did in Beijing!