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Amazing Beijing Private Tour

Last month, we explored the Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace. What left us the deepest impression is our tour guide. Her English is very fluent with knowledgeable information to the background and the history of the two attractions. There is no forced shopping in the tour. Together with my family, we really enjoyed a lot!

Mutianyu Great Wall

Once arrived at Mutianyu Great Wall, I was impressed by the cozy environment immediately! With large scale of green trees, this Great Wall building showed more vigorous and wonderful! Tourists are less than I expect in the origin. However, the vendors selling all kinds of goods stand a large part. Standing at the foot, we appreciated the surroundings. After sort minute, my father ordered to start the hiking journey. My mother is reluctant to hike by foot. So, she took the cable car with my litter sister. Together with my father, we enjoyed the hiking journey. At the beginning, there are some wooden steps, charming and strong. The environment showed a little deep and quiet with the chirping of insects. Following my father, we got the Great Wall ground. It is a long paved with large scale bricks ground, smooth and hard. Yes, this is just the Great Wall. Standing on the best preserved ground, I could see the watchtowers and the mountains as well as the charming sceneries far distance. It is truly amazing in Beijing suburb area.

Mutianyu Great Wall

To be honest, climbing experience is truly tired. Every twenty minutes, we would got a fully rest. Once see the watchtower, we became exciting and happy! After buy the drinks, we lingered around, appreciating the heaven-made masterpiece. My father gave me much information about the watchtower, very legend! Entering into the watchtower, through the windows, I could see the magnificent mountains far distance. I imagined the ancient war time. Chinese soldiers just stand here observing the enemies far distance. These small windows and the terrific terrain told us the wisdom of Chinese ancient people. We went on our climbing journey with sweat and laborious body. About half an hour, we met my mother. She has been got the top sitting appreciating the charming sceneries. We took a lot of photos with this essence of Great Wall buildings. I liked the successful feeling very much!

In the afternoon, we were transferred to appreciate the largest and best preserved Summer Palace. It is such a glorious imperial garden bringing us too many feasts of vision. Highly recommend this one day private tour!