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Amazing Beijing Visit

I always heard the story of Chinese Great Wall and Forbidden City. But, I have never got close to them and enjoyed a deep visit. This time, in order to celebrate my birthday of 20 years old, my father booked one day private tour for our three.

Forbidden City

We lived in the Beijing downtown hotel. On the departure day, we got up early and enjoy the breakfast. After twenty minutes passing by, we came to the gates of the hotel. Yes, the car is waiting for us! After greeting with each other, we started our journey. It is not far from the Tiananmen Square. But the checking procedure is so complex that it delayed much time. First, we were led to visit Tiananmen Square, the largest city square in the world. To our surprised is that Tiananmen Square shows more fruit than we expect. It not simply means a square but a solemn land. This land houses Great Wall Hall of the People, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and Monument to the People's Heroes, etc. For each attraction, tour guide all gave us the most considerate explaining.

We entered into the Forbidden City from the Meridian Gate. I clearly remembered this gate starts our Forbidden City visit. I liked Chinese traditional culture and history very much. I imagined that this golden castle building can give me much information about Chinese ancient times. Once entry, the large scale ground left me a deep impression. Walking further, there are so many places. Most important is that each palace has the certain function and features. For Chinese historical leaders, I got a little. The buildings arranged are very harmoniously with holy atmosphere. We took a lot of pictures with what we are interested.

Badaling Great Wall

What conquered all of us is the magnificent Badaling Great Wall. After enjoying lunch, we were driven to this wonder. It is located in the Beijing suburb area with tranquil environment and marvelous sightseeing. In the early autumn, this section showed more vigorous. We really enjoyed the happiest time in this building. Vendors here are not crowded as the tour guide said. Tourists here also are less than we expect. In the beginning, climbing journey is very simple. But, at last I really lost my strength. Each step needs much strength to hike. When we stepped on the high point, all my exciting feelings sent out!

I liked the Chinese Great Wall very much! It conveyed us not the surprising appearance but inner soul!