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Amazing Wall Experience

Great day for the Great Wall experience! I had done some research and sought out advice before I flew to Beijing with my kids. Then we all decided to go to Mutianyu section of the Great Wall - rather than a closer but very touristy section called Badaling. Roy had been to the Badaling section and told me it was too touristy and packed with Chinese visitors, as well as vendors selling drinks all along the wall. All things considered, Badaling is just not as peaceful for a walk on the wall as Mutianyu. Instead opting for a package tour, I just join a half day tour only contains Mutianyu Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall
The half-day itinerary included a place where we planned to go for lunch that had been recommended to me by Roy. The whole trip went very well and just as we anticipated. First, we drove about an hour to Mutianyu and passed a Schoolhouse before we made our way up to the cable car station. The schoolhouse was also the destination we would have lunch later. We then climbed up a steep hill to get to the cable car station for a lift ride up the wall. There were also lots of vendors selling t-shirts, Great Wall souvenirs, food and water on our way up the wall but we did not stop to buy anything at all after listening to the advice of our guide. The cable car ride took us up the flat path on the Great Wall. And once we landed on the path, we started to walk along. It was so exciting to walk the steps and stand on the Great Wall of China. It was really cool stuff to do as my kids told me.

The wall itself is no less than an engineering wonder. Me and my kids were overwhelmed by the massive wall. The sight of the wall snaking way into the horizon totally blew my mind. I kept thinking how this could have been built on the mountains all by human power. The weather that day was amazing too, with blue sky, a little cool, but great for walking. The air was crispy up high on the mountains. We all hiked for quite a long time and took our time to enjoy the views. At noon, it was time to get down and we grabbed a slide down, which was really fun.

Overall, it was really a memorable half-day trip we did in Beijing. Loved it!