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Amusing Center for Beijing Summer Tour

As we all known, when the summer falls, every night, the streets will be full of snacks and delicate stores for drinking and entertaining to enjoy the cool tastes of summer. No doubt that Beijing Sanlitun Village is a popular destination for the tourists for summer night relaxing and entertaining with friends, especially the young.

Bar Street of Sanlitun Village
Sanlitun Bar Street

Located in Chaoyang District, Sanlitun Village is a center for shopping, food and arts. The most famous section here will be the fashionable bar street. Being regarded as the representative of Beijing night life, especially during the summer period, all the bar stores will be full of young people, drinking, singing and chatting. It seemed that everyone of them was familiar with each other. They got here without communicating but for a same goal - enjoyment. Bar Street is located in the east side of North Sanlitun Village. Measuring 260 meters long, it covered an area of 1,648 square meters. It is said that more than 60pecent of Beijing bars are located here. Because of the advanced location of being adjacent to the embassies and foreign offices, there will be many foreign tourists every day. Summer night is coming late, when most of the bars will be opened. Under the lighting of the neon, here showed more glorious and luxurious. Sitting in the outdoor, drinking a cup of iced beer, chatting with your friends, imagine it will be a more wonderful summer enjoyment.

Delicate Food and Shopping in Sanlitun Village
Sanlitun Village

Perhaps, the real appearance of the summer night here has been beyond your imagination. In addition to the bars and beers, food and shopping here will be another two attractions. In this street, there distributed various restaurants ranging from China to American, from tradition to the authentic. Whatever you like, here will be the ideal place to satisfy your stomach. Shopping here is unique different and very enjoyable. Without fixed route, the shopping has become a summer tour destination. Wandering here, tourists will be attracted by the world famous brand flagship stores, Adidas, Nike and Twice, etc.

Beijing Summer, Sanlitun Village will be the main color!