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Autumn Hiking to Gubeikou Great Wall

Nowadays, Gubeikou Great Wall has risen up as one of the most popular destinations among the tourists in Beijing. Every year, millions of people swarm into this spot and enjoy an incredible Gubeikou Great Wall. Autumn is no doubt the best time to visit Gubeikou when the amazing fall foliages can be seen all over the place.

Gubeikou Great Wall

Overview about Gubeikou Great Wall
Gubeikou Great Wall used to be the first military line of defense. As one of the most magnificent part of Great Wall, it has best reserved the prime part of Ming Great Wall. From west to east, the Great Wall consists of a whole bunch of parts, like Badalouzi Great Wall, Huangyugou Great Wall, Wohushan Great Wall, Wanshoushan Great Wall, Panlongshan Great Wall, Wulituo Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. Along 40 miles distance, there is about 172 Watch Towers, 14 Beacon Towers, 16 passes, 3 watery Great Wall, 6 city passes, as well as other defensive systems. Gubeikou Great Wall boasts a longest watery Great Wall. Located in Miyun County, 100 miles away from Beijing city, it used to be a must-fight-for spot in ancient times. From ancient times to this day, it boasts as the throat to Songliao Plain and Inner Mongolia. It is also one of the most important passes among Great Wall and a throat compared with other parts of Great Wall.

What to Explore at Gubeikou in Autumn
Since the ancient times, Gubeikou has stood between two mountains with a river flowing through. Among all the scenic spots in the area, the most famous are Dahualou Beacon Tower, Wangjing Tower, sister Great Wall, Xiannv Tower, Jiangjun Tower and watery relics and so on. Near Gubeikou Great Wall, there are also a series of other famous scenic spots worthwhile seeing, like Sanyan Well, Yufeng Well, Simatai Spring, Yanglinggong Temple and Yaowang Temple and so on. During autumn day, there is a bustling assembly in Yaowang Temple. These superb attractions have turned Gubeikou Great Wall into an incredible tourist area in Beijing. Furthermore, in the fall, the area will be covered by fall foliages and the sight is as spectacular as it can be! There are plenty of photo opportunities out there as well.

A trip to Gubeikou in the autumn days while in Beijing will be fun and an essential Chinese experience.