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Autumn Leisure in Beijing Happy Valley

With the autumn season falls, weather is not so hot as summer. It is the best time to go out for entertaining with families or friends. Among the highlights in Beijing, the most terrific place suitable for autumn exploring is Happy Valley.

Autumn Layout of Beijing Happy Valley
Beijing Happy Valley

As a famous eco-system theme park, Beijing Happy Valley shows the modern tourism form in China. It stressed on the fashionable, interaction, happiness and fantasy for visitors. As the autumn falls, the whole scenic spot will be covered by golden colors with mild temperature. With higher blue sky, masses of white clouds and the fascinating autumn sceneries, it is no doubt an ideal choice for autumn visiting and appreciating. With the coverage area over 75 acres, Beijing Happy Valley greets loads of tourists every day. Especially during the mild autumn season, it is more popular than the common days.

Theme Parks in Beijing Happy Valley
What the most impressive and interesting are the theme parks in this valley. If you are interested in the mysterious atmosphere, Wild Fjord is an ideal choice. It will start a wonderful Beijing Happy Valley trip from Fiord Forest. Here, you will be impressed by colorful glass air trails, sparkling joy square, stylish park gate, beautiful and innocent joy theater and green woods. It is truly a perfect combination of fashion and nature. In addition, there is Lost Maya established to help tourists to rediscover the ancient Maya Kingdom and explore the lost Maya civilization. During the exploration journey, local indigenous turned from the initial hostility to friendship.

Treasure in Beijing Happy Valley
Beijing Happy ValleyThe most treasured place in Beijing Happy Valley is called Ant Kingdom. It is the most fantastic area in Beijing Happy Valley. Built in an ant's view, everything here is mini even to children. From the lifestyle and the living environment of ants, children can learn more knowledge in creatures and species, etc. The knowledge is very hard to understand. Through the deep exploration, they can cultivate their interests improving the further study. In addition to this, there are mysterious caves opened for adventuring. They are the best choices to cultivate the braveness and wisdom.

Beijing autumn is golden period when you not only can search the golden sceneries but also the golden moment of your lifetime!