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In-depth Explore Mutianyu Great Wall

The Great Wall at Mutianyu is a masterpiece of restoration, with 22 original style watchtowers. Mutianyu, meaning of admire fields valley, is the longest fully-restored Great Wall section open to tourists. Before this tour, we had made plan and decided to visit from No. 10 Watchtower to No. 20 Watchtower. It is said that this part in Mutianyu Great Wall is most beautiful and characteristic. So I show some interesting places and spots to you.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Before arrived at No. 10 Watchtower, we saw an interesting trunk at foot of Great Wall which is inlayed many Chinese hard currencies orderly. Some students try to buckle sown some of them but failed. When I was doubt that how they were inlayed in it and why they were so strong, I found the trunk is made by cement and these hard currencies were inlayed it when it was built. So funny that many foreigners stop to study it! In addition, we met many foreign tourists here, and they choose the Great Wall at Mutianyu instead of Badaling because of less crowded and beautiful scenery.

Inner Structure of Watchtower

Standing on No. 10 Watchtower, we saw some other watchtowers in different shapes, but inner structures are all built according to a Chinese word – 回. May be they have their functions in wars I thought. During this tour, I have strong interest to the No. 13, No. 15 and No. 20 Watchtowers. First, No. 13 Watchtower, it is built with a small house on the top of watchtower compared with other watchtowers. I don't know what it is used for, but it is special among so many watchtowers. No. 15 Watchtower is most famous in Chinese, just because it is photography place of "If You Are the One 2" which is a famous Chinese film. Many people climb on it and took photos, especially young, and they all want to have ideal marriage as well as this film. Refer to the No. 20 Watchtower, the last port of our tour, I mightily suggest you climb it. It is the best place to enjoy beautiful scenery of Mutianyu Great Wall and what you see from No. 20 Watchtower are the most beautiful and majestic. And it is the most challenge part from 10th to 20th Watchtower.

Cable Car of Mutianyu

Took cable car down to foot of Mutianyu, we enter the China Stone Museum last. If you have tickets of Mutianyu Great Wall, you can enter it for free. It is really a museum for stones, gathering various strange and grotesque stones. For the time being, we just took pictures generally and had no deep visit in it. If I have chance next time, I must visit it carefully.

It is the most interesting things and places in my mind. If you want to enjoy more, you should climb it personally and enjoy its grand views.